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Erasmus+ L.O.V.E

In the school year 2017-2018 the School Support Unit having identified the priority themes of the year (inclusive education, bullying prevention), was actively looking for partners and offered its partnership through the e-Twinning platform in Erasmus+ projects. 2018 in the fall, we learned that one of the projects we had developed with partners had received funding.

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SAN for SEN - Social Activities are Necessary for Special Education Needs

Starting October, 2019 Panevėžys "Vyturys" progymnasium implements another Erasmus+ project “Social Activities are Necessary for Special Education Needs” (SAN for SEN) no. 2019-1-TR01-KA229-074561_3.

The SAN for SEN project aims to empower and engage students with special educational needs in social activities. The first visit of the project was organized by the project coordinators - HALIT NARIN M. T. A. L. and BELDIBI SITKI ZAKARALI I.O schools in Marmaris, Turkey. Vyturys Progymnasium was represented on the first visit by Inga Navickienė, Head of the School Support Department, and Rasa Kuprytė, a psychologist.

During the visit - February 24-28. we visited several schools - we observed the work of colleagues in primary, secondary and vocational schools. We got acquainted with the Turkish education system, a system for providing assistance to children with special educational needs.

Skaityti daugiau: SAN for SEN - Social Activities are Necessary for Special Education Needs

Erasmus+ EQ project visit to Riga

5 teachers from Panevėžys “Vyturio“ Progymnasium visited Riga’s 22nd Middle School to learn about the little things the community does to achieve Creativity, Leadership, Cooperation and Responsibility. We observed the activities of the annual Creative Assembly, shadowed various lessons in primary school and informal activities. We also had a chance to ask and discuss project and career-related activities of the school and some bigger extra-curricular activities, e.g. the class boat tours. We acquired knowledge of Latvian school system, got new ideas in teaching methods and school management.

The visit was a part of Erasmus+ KA1 project EQ – Challenge of Contemporary School by Panevėžio “Vyturio” progimnazija. The project aims to learn about emotional intellect and how to teach it. During this visit we saw that foremost it is important to improve the teachers’ emotional capacity and that EQ could be promoted indirectly in all the activities in school and it should be implemented strategically to achieve a significant result. Rigas 22. Vidusskola is very strong in this field.

We thank all the community of your school for the warm welcome and professional cooperation.